Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 5 - Superbowl Sunday

We were rooting for Arizona, so we were disapointed to see the Steelers sneak past them again in the last few minutes. But... At least it was a good game to watch, right?

And I forced us to stay awake to watch the Sounders Super Search after the game. I'm thrilled that we finally have an MLS team and can't wait to start watching games for that team. Although neither of our favorite players made it on to the team, I think it was a neat idea to allow an unknown to compete for a roster spot on the Sounders soccer team.

Things continue to be on a pretty even keel here at UWMC, so we're continuing to work on keeping Tyler as healthy as possible. His platelets have not been rising with the platelet transfusions over the past few days, but he is holding steady at 10 (normal range is 150-400). On Monday they are testing to see if he has developed antibodies to blood products.


  1. Thinking of you guys lots!
    Keep that climb going and know that I am rooting for you too.
    love and light

  2. When you are done having to hide out at home, staying away from the risk of sick people lets do lunch or dinner. Think about you often and happy to hear you are doing well. Email me at work.
    Tom Hoffman