Monday, August 20, 2007

It seems Tyler took a turn for the worse last week and we don't know exactly why. His congestion returned and his energy took a downturn. We talked to his nurse on Friday and found out a few more medications that he could take for relief. Also, she said that even though he only took 5 days of antibiotics, the medicine would stay in his system for 10 days.

But after a rough weekend, he called the doctor again today and got wedged into their schedule. First, they asked him to stop and get a chest X-ray on the way in. Unfortunately, the X-ray didn't help them determine what was happening exactly.

At this point, the doctor's best guess is that he'll continue to fight this infection and feel better. If his coughing continues to get clearer and less often, than we are good. If he is feeling any worse, we have to go back in for a CT Scan to rule out a blood clot in his lungs.

We'll let you know when we find out something more.


Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's been a rough week for both of us. I woke up with a bad cold last Wednesday. I was feeling bad enough that I actually left work early and went home and climbed into bed. Tyler caught my cold (I think) by Saturday and just got worse and worse. It was reminiscent of the pneumonia he had just before the wedding. Tyler spent most of Sunday and Monday sleeping, which is very unlike him. He was also running a fever, so we called Dr. M's office on Monday morning and Tyler got a prescription for antibiotics.

On the third day of antibiotics he was feeling well enough to go back to work. When I checked with him this morning, he said he was better today. He still sounds congested, so that I don't recognize his voice on the phone, but he isn't coughing quite as much anymore.

It does make us a little bit nervous. We don't really know what medications he can take while on Gleevec, so it is tough to give him relief from his symptoms. They approved Tylenol for aches and pains, but we'll have to keep researching to find out what else he can take.

Tyler now promises to stay far away from me the next time I sick. I don't think he wants to go through this again. I guess that means I will have to take extra care with my health now too, so that I don't put either one of us at increased risk.

On a much more positive front, our friends Mark and Vicki just gave birth to their first child. We would like to officially welcome Collin to the world and we're hoping to be able to meet him in person soon.

That's the latest from our house...