Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 13 - Lucky Number 13!

Today's blood test showed the first glimmers of White Blood Cells! While our doctor cautioned us that the counts will probably fluctuate up and down for awhile, we are THRILLED to report that Tyler showed .16 WBC's today! AND he had .13 neutrophils mixed in there.

We had our first outpatient clinic, but it really took a backseat to the exciting test results we got. Tyler did get a platelet transfusion and some IV drugs, but it was a pretty quick day at the clinic. I'm hoping that these glimmers of WBC's mean that Tyler will start providing enough healthy blood to stop these transfusions.

They are still playing with the Tacrolimus level in Tyler's blood, but hope to get that settled over this week. Once they've established the correct dose for Tyler, they will probably switch him to the pill form of the drug to cut down on the number of scheduled IV's needed.

Hooray for the great test results today!!

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  1. oops sorry - I signed in from the wrong account!
    Still great news second time reading it...