Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 30 - The End of the Month

Can you believe that it has been a month since Tyler's transplant? It's gone very quickly from my perspective, but I imagine that Tyler wouldn't exactly agree. It's good to see him starting back towards some of his regular activities though. Andrea says that it gave his nurse heart palpitations when he mentioned that he was golfing again. Thank goodness we had cleared it with the doctors last week! As long as he takes no more than a half swing and avoids grass, dirt, and people, he should be fine.

Today was our last visit with Peter Johnson though. He's been Tyler's provider the majority of the time since October and has done a fabulous job of caring for Ty. When we started with SCCA, we were a little disappointed when the provider would rotate off every month. Peter was Tyler's 3rd provider during our initial visits. But during the time we were at UWMC last fall, he rotated to inpatient care for a month and then rotated back to the outpatient clinic for December through February. It felt like he really made the time to listen to our concerns and experiences and that made me feel more confident in the care that was provided. One of the other providers we had in the clinic always seemed like they had to be somewhere else, which was exceedingly frustrating. I know the doctors have lots to do and many things on their mind, but still want the focus to be on Tyler during the times we meet with them.

Anyways... I'm not sure who our new provider will be, but I do know that Peter will be missed. Many thanks for getting us to our transplant!

Test Results from today are:

WBC: 3.36
HCT: 30
ANC: 2.41
PLT: 71

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