Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 23 - Putt'ering Around

We are pleased to report a huge success today! Tyler found a nearby location to refresh his putting skills, although I missed that fun myself. I know he was dying to get back on a golf course, so this was a perfect solution for the time until he can be exposed to the grass and dirt of a real golf course. By the way, if you know of a golf course that is exclusively astroturf, we'd like to hear about it!

He had a great night of sleep last night, thanks to some light exercise yesterday. I think that might have been part of the motivation for today's golf outing. He and his mom spent an hour tapping golf balls around, while I was suffering through a hard day at work. ;)

I did, however, get to join Tyler at the doctor's office before going to work. The nutritionist was VERY impressed with Tyler's ability to eat, so she encouraged him to start trying a larger variety of food this week. He really wants fish, which isn't something that I know how to cook, so we've begged his mom to make some seafood on the days that she is here. The goal is to find some succulent and moist and tasty fish for Tyler to enjoy.

Test Results -

WBC: 2.6
HCT: 28%
ANC: 1.63
PLT: 35

He's doing GREAT all around with his recovery. While it is very frustrating to Tyler to still feel so bad, he's doing very well and continuing to improve. I just hope that he experiences some improvement in his foot soon, as that has been one of his biggest difficulties throughout this process.

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  1. absolutely wonderful! Wow - he looks great too!
    Well done, both of you :)
    love and light