Monday, February 23, 2009

Anniversaries both Glad and Sad

This is our week of anniversaries... Tuesday is our 2nd wedding anniversary and, while we aren't planning a huge celebration, I must admit to being incredibly thankful to have Tyler in my life. Even as he battles his own cancer, he is thoughtful and loving to others around him. At our rehearsal dinner, I toasted him saying that I knew he was the man for me when I realized that he had no "but". With previous relationships, I had said things like "he's a great guy, but..." With Tyler, I never had to make a statement like that. I'm extremely proud of the man I call husband!

A sadder date for us, February 19th was the 2nd anniversary of Tyler's cancer diagnosis. I'd thought about both anniversaries as the days approached, but then got so busy that his cancerversary actually slipped my mind. That's a good thing, right?

Learning that Tyler had cancer 5 days before the wedding certainly has colored much of our marriage, but I think it has also enriched it in many ways. We were aware from the very start that our time together was precious and that our partnership was truly going to be "for better or for worse". While we had laid a lot of groundwork for this in the years before, I believe that we cemented at our relationship on the day of diagnosis and not at our actual wedding ceremony.

Andrea (Tyler's mother) says that she'll make us an anniversary dinner, so I'm looking forward to a lovely evening at home tomorrow night.

May you be as blessed in love as we are!

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