Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 11 - Date Night

We had a pretty low key day today. Tyler's uncle, Don, surprised us by stopping by to say hi. Tyler's mom, Andrea, also came to visit this afternoon, so we had some fun entertaining.

They've changed Tyler's schedule here, as he is doing so well that he needs less support. He gets about 1 liter of hydration in the morning, but it only runs for about 4 hours. He gets one IV drug and might get some blood transfusions, but those can typically be run at the same time as the hydration. This means that we spend the majority of the day and night unhooked. It's significantly easier to get out for walks, move around the room, and pretend life is normal when you aren't tethered to an IV pole.

This evening, we got caught up in watching a few of the movies on TV. Tyler hadn't seen Apollo 13 and I haven't seen it in a long time, so we sat back to enjoy a movie night together.

We appear to be on track for a departure tomorrow, but we're reluctant to hold our breath this time. Tyler's Tacrolimus level was still at 3 today, so I am concerned that may delay our departure by a few days. They seem to want to bump that number up before they release us. We still stand a chance though, as the attending physicians rotate off duty around the 7th of each month, giving us a new Outpatient Attending to approve or deny our departure.

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