Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 27 - Seeing a Golfing Theme

Tyler's father, Scott, chauffered Tyler around today to blood draw and some more golf.

First, the test results from today:

WBC: 2.38
HCT: 29
ANC: 1.6
PLT: 64

They tested the level of tacrolimus in his blood and determined that it was a little bit higher than desired, so they have lowered his dosage for the next few days. He'll have another level taken with the Thursday morning blood draw.

According to Tyler, he and Scott and Gump (Tyler's brother) had to squeeze a little bit of golfing in today as they were all in the same neighborhood at once. They headed to the Pitch and Putt at 128th and played through that course. It sounds like Tyler enjoyed himself, although I imagine he will be pretty sore tomorrow after all of that exercise. I haven't heard how each member of the trio did, but I imagine they were all enjoying the outing. They've had some great times golfing all over the state.

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