Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 21 - Golf Anyone?

We got a call today with some great news. After looking at today's blood test results, Peter Johnson (our doctor) decided that Tyler gets to drop down to labs twice a week. After going to the doctor's office every day, this will be a welcome change for all of us! So, Tyler has a day of leisure tomorrow and then doctor's appointments on Thursday again.

Tyler's wishing that he could get out for a round of golf, although we don't know how easy it would be right now. He's got a couple of tubes hanging out of his chest, an unresponsive foot, and a general fatigue from all of the trials of the last few months. Despite all of that, he is definitely itching to play.

Test results today:

WBC: 2.94 (going up without the booster shot!!)
HCT: 29%
ANC: 1.91
PLT: 19

As you can see, you can't hold him back now!

1 comment:

  1. shoot, this would have been my only chance to play Tyler with an even handicap....although he still would have to spot me 10 strokes to make it fair...

    Keep up the great work Tyler, we're praying it just continues to get easier and better from here on.