Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 29 - Quick Note

Today was the 1st post transplant bone marrow aspiration and it went really well. I actually took several photos today and hope to share those. However, I forgot my real camera and only took the pictures on my camera. But they were really interesting and show a little bit of what happens and the staff there let me ask a bunch of questions about the process. Even though I've seen several aspirations, I learned a bunch.

Now comes the hard part as we wait for results. We are nervous that there might be some leukemia out there swimming around, but I really hope not!

Lab Results today were:

WBC: 2.77 (normal is 4.3-10)
HCT: 30% (normal is 38-50)
ANC: 1.96 (normal is 1.8-7.0)
PLT: 69 (normal is 150-400)

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