Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 26 - A Day of Rest

Tyler and I had a pretty low key weekend, which was much needed after the craziness of the last week. Tyler's aunt, Libby, came up for a few hours on Saturday to get a putting lesson from Tyler. It sounds like she picked up a few tips, so I think they are both hoping to get out golfing again soon.

My parents also stopped by (and brought homemade Won Ton soup from my sister) to say "hi" on Saturday evening. My mom's family is planning a week long getaway in August, so we had some fun talking about the golf that the guys planned while in Chelan. I think my father is secretly delighted that Tyler loves to play so much golf. I'm hoping that they can both get over to the golfing place that Tyler found on 128th soon.

I have another busy week at work, so I'll be gone from Tyler for much of the time. But the good news is that my software conversion is going REALLY well and I haven't forgotten everything I'd learned about the software. ;)

As for the week ahead, Tyler has an important bone marrow aspiration and biopsy coming up this week. This test (scheduled for Wednesday) will help measure the success of the transplant. Tyler asked the doctors about when he can say that he is "in remission" and they told him that his bone marrow test would be an important part of that. The goal is for them to see absolutely NO signs of leukemia in his marrow. We likely won't know the results right away, but will be anxiously awaiting the news anyways.

They actually had Tyler start back on his Tasigna last week to make sure that any remaining leukemia in his body will be controlled until the new immune system is fully functional (for about the first year). After that year passes, I'm hopeful that Tyler might get to move off the Tasigna again and have a more normal (translation: less pill intensive) life!

Other than that, Tyler also has his regular blood draws Monday and Thursday and clinic visits on Thursday. Scott (Tyler's dad) is coming to take Tyler to his Monday appointments, so those two will probably go crazy talking sports all day long.

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  1. I was going to mention the golf range on 128th w/ the little pitching/putting course! I guess you guys already found it. I'm looking forward to getting out and golfing with Tyler soon!