Monday, April 26, 2010

When it Rains, it Pours

Tyler has finally been put on TPN, so that he doesn't have to feel the pressure of eating each day to keep up his strength.  Hopefully this is just a very short interlude, as we want him to be back eating as soon as his mouth and throat have healed.  But for now, it gives us all peace of mind to know that he is getting enough nutrients to keep going without losing too much more weight.

Unfortunately, Tyler seems to have pulled a muscle on each side of his abdomen.  The muscles spasm when he sits or stands up, so he has had to use the morphine even more to deal with the pain from that.  I was hoping that he could take a muscle relaxant to break the pain cycle, but he isn't swallowing right now so that is out of the question.

He's dealing with several annoying or painful issues right now, but I just keep hoping that each day will be the day that we turn the corner.  I can say that his vision has improved somewhat, so he is able to see the computer screen again.  For several days, his eyesight was too blurry for him to even check his stats online.

We are just in cruise control right now, and hoping to come around the corner soon.

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