Monday, April 5, 2010

Falling off the Wagon (or is it back on??)

While I posted my last message, Tyler was getting an MRI of his spine at SCCA.  It ended up taking 3 hours, rather than 2, so the rest of our appointments got off schedule as well.  When we finally got into the Infusion area, where Tyler was scheduled to get 2 bags of platelets (in preparation for a lumbar puncture that afternoon), the nurse there found that he had a temperature. 

He'd actually shown a low grade temp that morning (about 99-100), so we had asked a different nurse to check him out.  Unfortunately, his temp had moved out of the "low grade" area (102.1) with the first temp taken on the infusion floor.  They tested again a few minutes later and the temp was at 101.9.

Because of that, the kind nurses and doctors convinced to accept the top notch accomodations available at UW Medical Center.  Tyler was actually in the hospital Tuesday through Friday of last week.  They tested his blood (every day) for infections, but never found any signs of a virus.  Despite that, his temp fluctuated up and down and he has a cough and congestion.

He came home on Friday afternoon, but is worn out and feeling kind of crappy.  We spent a low-key weekend at home, with Easter being highlighted with a visit from our family (who came bearing DINNER -- my favorite gift of all!!) and a little movie watching.

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