Friday, April 16, 2010

Nothing if not Confused

This morning our nurses came in to introduce themselves and we learned that Tyler would have an ICU nurse, her ICU nurse trainer, and a dialysis nurse. The dialysis nurse told us that they had Tyler scheduled for 8 hours of dialysis today (up from the 4 hours we were told yesterday). I asked what his phosphorus number was today. Apparently Tyler was at 9 yesterday and the normal range is more like 3-4 or so. But today he was at 8.3 with his 6am lab draw.

Despite that, they had planned to continue with the dialysis this morning, although at a reduced rate because of his low blood pressure (which accounted for the longer time involved). But his pressure is improved and the doctors thought that they might be able to bump up the rate a little bit if he stayed where he was.

However, just a few minutes ago, our nurse popped her head in to say that they were delaying the dialysis until after Ty's noon lab results are in. It sounds like the doctors hadn't seen the 6am result when they talked to us. Since he dropped from 9 to 8.3 between midnight and 6am, they want to see what his kidneys can do on their own in the next few hours.

Tyler is doing his part to clear out all of that cell waste, so hopefully it is enough! I'm glad we are waiting for now. I don't want him to have to do more blood filtering out of that giant tube in his neck!


  1. Tyler and Mandy - we continue to send out healing thoughts and prayers to you and your medical staff. Thank you so much for sharing. It allows us to feel so much more connected, if even by a small thread.

    Our love to you - Pat and Leanne

  2. Darren and my thoughts are with you both during this time.

    ~Ceci and Darren

  3. You are both in all our hearts, minds and prayers so thanks for the effort to make these postings...much love dc