Friday, April 16, 2010

One Night Stand

The nurse is now telling us that they have a bed reserved for Tyler on the 7th floor again because he is no longer requiring ICU level of care. Hip Hip Hooray! So, while I hate to pack up the bags again, it is a relief to know that Tyler has improved since this time yesterday.

They are not going to dialysize (sp?) him at this point either, as his kindey function has continued to improve throughout the day.

He's eaten a little bit of food today and I definitely feel that he is looking more alert today.


  1. Great news!!!! Wonderful news!!!! Lynda Loland

  2. Excellent news! Nothing like hanging tough...

    Hugs, BethG

  3. Dear Tyler & Mandy,
    Thinking of you guys tonight. So happy to hear that ICU was just "a cup of coffee" as they say in baseball land. I am holding you both in the light and sending extra special hugs your way. Take good care. Diane

  4. This is the first time that I checked out your blog (or ever been on a blog). Hopes and prayers that everything goes well. I didn't know the seriousness of his condition until I came here. It is very informative and I am very sad to see him suffering like this. Many blessings and much love. I hope and pray that he will win this battle, forever. AMEN. Mia