Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Situation worsening

Tyler's body is showing signs of Tumor Lysis which is the sloughing off of dead cells. The bad thing about this is that they haven't started treatment yet. They say that the next 24-72 hours are critical to make sure that Tyler's kidneys are able to handle the increased workload. They will be monitoring him carefully to make sure that the fluid in his lungs does not increase significantly while they give him the fluids needed to clear out the dying cells.

They will be performing a pheresis process on him tonight to filter the extra white blood cells out of his blood immediately.

He is at risk for dialysis (if his kidneys can't keep up) or being put on a breathing tube (if the fluid in his lungs get too great). This is incredibly scary, so I do beg for as many prayers as we can get over the next 24-72 hours. We hope he turns the corner soon and can begin to go back to normal body operations.


  1. Praying for God's healing touch - you've been on my heart and mind all day - as has Tyler

  2. The Hansch family is praying for you, Tyler and all of your family.

  3. Prayers for both of you. Will be watching the blog... Glenna

  4. Mandy and Tyler...

    I have been watching the blog and will be praying for you someone new to the CML journey, your bravery amazes me - you have a wealth of family and friends praying, and I am hoping that Tyler turns the corner on this latest bump in the road and you both can continue on your journey together...

    Cheryl Thornton
    new cml'er in Canada

  5. Tyler and Mandy-
    You are in our thoughts and prayers. Thanks for keeping us updated.
    Take care-
    Laura and Steve