Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Prayers urgently needed

At our appointment this morning, the blood test showed that Tyler's blast count had climbed really high. His white blood cell count was 104.73, when normal is supposed to be 4-10. Of the white blood cells found, over 90% of them were blasts.

They are immediately initiating several different chemo attacks to kill off the blasts in his blood, but there is a risk that he might have to go into the ICU here if his body can't handle the high cell turnover.

They are also cautioning us about the possibility of the blasts sticking in his lungs and causing breathing problems (which they might already be doing based on his shortness of breath) or blasts sticking in his brain and causing difficulty in processing thoughts (which we haven't seen yet).

Please pray that Tyler responds quickly to the treatment, but doesn't get moved to the ICU because of complications.

I will try to update more when we see how he is responding.



  1. I am praying as hard as I can here. You are both in my thoughts...


  2. Our thoughts are with you and Tyler!!!
    -from Mikel (Bozeman, MT)

  3. I will pray hard for Tyler, for both of you. I feel so very bad you have to go through so much.God Bless You Both Lynda L

  4. All of our prayers and love are with you both everyday- every minute.
    Leanne and Pat

  5. I'm so sorry, I haven't checked your blog for a bit and just checked today to read all this. Sending prayers and support!