Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sounds Like I Need More Sleep!

This morning the doctor who is covering our case for the weekend met me for the first time. After Tyler introduced me as his wife, the doctor said he was surprised to see how petite I was after meeting my son yesterday.

Ummm... My brother-in-law (who is a few years OLDER than me) stayed the night on Friday night and was apparently mistaken for my son. There is something to be said for aging well, right...? I'm sure the doctor regretted that once Tyler mentioned that Gump was actually his brother and not his son. OOPS!


  1. Oh boy did I laugh at this blog! And I hope you did get some good sleep too. Hopefully all is on track for the chemo tomorrow.
    Thinking of you both.....
    love and light

  2. Hi Mandy, it's Janelle. It must be all the gray hair you have. lol.