Monday, November 10, 2008

A Day of Tests

After several weeks of agonizing each time he swallows his pills, Tyler has finally been scheduled for a GI Consult this afternoon. They will put a scope down his throat and look for ulcers or infections along his esophagus. This gives us such peace of mind, as the pill swallowing has lingered as the most painful thing left over from radiation. The doctors really feel that Ty's throat should have improved by now.

He's also scheduled for a lumbar puncture with chemo injection this morning, so we'll start that part of the treatment at least. Yesterday's appointment with the doctors sounded like they wanted to wait until Tyler's throat has cleared up a little bit before starting with the rest of his chemo therapy, but we should get a better idea of that today.

His left foot has started tingling itself awake again, so we are excited that the numbness seems to be receding and that he is able to move his big toe a little bit again. Tyler is so good about doing his exercises that he is bound to see continued improvement as the nerves heal themselves.

Tyler got 2 bags of platelets in the wee hours of the morning and is getting one more bag before his LP today. Then, after lunch, we'll see the GI doctors and get 2 units of Red Blood Cells. It will be a busy day for us with all of the appointments to juggle, but I'm just so relieved they've squeezed him in for the throat scope.

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