Monday, November 17, 2008

Just Let Me Sleep...

Tyler had his final dose (for the time being) of Cytarabine this morning. Thankfully, side effects are still pretty minimal so far. His throat is starting to get a little bit sore, but we haven't hit major pain yet. Probably the most difficult part of this weekend was just getting enough sleep. Tyler's having trouble finding a comfortable position in the hospital bed. I'll be bringing some of the pillows from home back with me, since he has broken all of those in appropriately by now.

What is most frustrating for me is that he just drifts off to sleep and someone will come in and need something from him, or the IV will start beeping an alarm at us. I wish we could just let him sleep for an hour or two, once he finally dozes off, especially after he had 2 bad nights in a row. Usually the afternoons are quieter than the mornings, so he is trying to get a brief nap in now.

Phew! His cell phone just rang, so I was diving across the room to hit the silence key. I got lucky and got to it after only 2 rings. It turns out that the UWMC was calling us to make an appointment for a test. I suggested that they contact Tyler's nursing staff since he is still inpatient. That seems easiest for now.

Now the IV has started beeping. I think it just isn't our day to find quiet time.

Anyways... Dr O'Meara had good news for us this morning. Although today's blood test results weren't yet in, yesterday's results showed that the blast count in Tyler's blood were down to less than 1%. That's great news and shows that the first 4 doses of chemo have done their job. We hope that last night's results show him down to 0% in the blood. They will test his marrow and spinal fluid next week, for the more sensitive tests. Hopefully they will also show the same kind of improvement as the blood tests.

The side effects are expected to worsen (if they are going to) over the next week, so I suspect that will be the worst part of the month for Tyler. I pray that they will be far easier than what he dealt with for the radiation.

My "son" is staying with Tyler tonight, so I'm headed home to try to catch up on sleep myself.

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  1. Hope everything goes well. It is amazing how difficult it is to actually get rest in a hospital. Thinking of you both.