Sunday, November 2, 2008

Hello out there

Its day 6 in the hospital here, and the staff have been wonderful. They are doing their absolute best to get me through this horrible time. Ive experienced things this week that I wish to never repeat, although it seems likely I will. Pains have been awful, inability to do things has been disconcerting beyond all I imagined, but more than anything the overall discomfort, and doubt have really made this week miserable. I feel like Im getting better, but there are still things Im not doing well.....mainly swallowing pills. This has most likely contributed greatly into a climbing WBC count.

I have been receiving numerous emails, comments on the blog, texts, and phone calls.......and I appreciate every single one of them! I do apologize if I havnt responded or dont respond, but getting through each day is about all I can handle right now. Right now, I am trying to enjoy some soup, and apple juice and it seems to be going well. I think I will get back to that now, but just wanted everyone to know that I love you all very much!



  1. Hi Tyler, Just wanted you to know how much we miss you at 70th, the Halloween Party was not the same without you! You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Bill

  2. Hey there Tyler

    No need to apologize at all...... you need to put all your energy into getting strong and better and eating and moving those feet and all that stuff. I am sure everyone will want you do do this rather than respond to anything we say. That time will come.

    We know you are there, just know that we are here for you too. Both of you.

    love and light

  3. Tyler - we're praying for you in S. Beacon Hill. If I could send you some of Seeger's energy (our Boston Terrier) I would absolutely love for you to receive it. Although I'll remove the biting tendency and the dislike for old people and little kids before I hand it over. Mike and I could surely use less of it in Seeger's body :) And I'd send you Porter's ability to inhale anything within seconds (our Frenchie). That would surely help with the pill swallowing problem.

    In all seriousness, our thoughts are with you and Mandy.

    Mandy - keep being the kick ass wife we know you are.

  4. Ty - please get by with the knowledge that you will beat Brad (aka Shake & Bake) this week in FF. It looks like he only has Campbell left in the QB slot and you're ahead by 25. Go Tiki Torture!!!