Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Plan No 342

So the doctors from SCCA and UWMC had a conference about Tyler today and came up with a new plan of action. They want to put Tyler through Acute Leukemia Induction Therapy. This involves giving him very high doses of chemotherapy for 7 days, then recovering from that for about 3 weeks. The doctors anticipate 2 rounds of chemo, so we suspect Tyler will be in the hospital for the next two months as endures the chemo and recovers from its effects.

The timing and type of transplant are uncertain. They want to see how Ty responds to the chemo and, if they can get him into remission, they will want to move quickly with the transplant. Thankfully, they still think that Scott can be the donor for other types of transplant protocols too. Having a famiy member as a donor enables them to move forward with the transplant at any time.

Their goal is to start the chemo on Monday, so we are supposed to spend the time until then getting Tyler as strong as possible. Eating and pill taking are still challenges, but it is important that we keep working on those tasks to get his body's strength up. He didn't get his IV nutrition today, as our goal has been to get him eating again in preparation to go home. Then when he ordered breakfast, they told him he couldn't have anything by mouth from 9am until 2pm. This kind of interrupted his plans for a good healthy breakfast to start the day. But he got his sedation for the bone marrow aspiration and biopsy today, which was very important. I hadn't realized that he was getting a biopsy today and it isn't something he has gotten before.

While we are disappointed with the news that Tyler will have to undergo two months of bad chemo, I am thankful that we have a new plan and I pray that this is the one that works.


  1. This setback sucks, but at least there is a new plan of action. Ty, if there is anything you need let me know. Magazines, video games, strippers... I hear that Scott Lui was bought at your auction by Hans.