Sunday, November 2, 2008

Can They Make the Pill any Bigger??

The doctors have informed us that Tyler's WBC is climbing (from 20 to 35 since yesterday), so he really needs to be taking his Tasigna regularly again. Unfortunately, the Tasigna pills are large and Tyler has to take 4 pills per day. They've also added 12 Hydrea (to quickly bring his WBC down to a normal range of 4-11), and a few others. It's very, very painful still for Tyler to swallow the pills. He's doing okay with the small ones or the ones that can be crushed up and sprinkled on a spoonful of something easy to eat, but the Tasigna is refusing to cooperate.

We hope that his throat continues to cooperate and make swallowing an easier task, but in the meantime we are wishing for more IV forms of the various medicines he needs to take.

The new LP is scheduled for tomorrow, so we are also praying that his spinal fluid will FINALLY be free and clear of Leukemia. In the meantime, you will find us at the UW hospital. E-mails remain the best way to contact us, as we can check them any time of the day. We get so many interruptions day and night, that it is difficult to get enough rest in a 24 hour period. E-mails allow us to hear from loved one when we are feeling good and respond to you at that time. Thanks so much for all of the encouragement!

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  1. You guys really are on a roller coaster..... wow. Ok - add another wish from this side that the spinal fluid is free of leukemia.

    And I hope you manage to get those 'horse pills' down without too much pain from now on.

    love and light