Saturday, November 8, 2008

Join the National Marrow Donor Registry for FREE!

Annie over at Living With CML posted the following information about joining the National Marrow Donor Program! If you missed signing up when we last posted how you can help save someone's life, please consider joining now. If you have already joined the registry, please consider sharing this message with the others in your life. It's free to join in November and would be such a minor thing for most of us...

November is National Marrow Awareness Month. Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc., has provided an unrestricted grant to cover the cost of tissue-typing tests for potential donors who join online.

This is your chance to join for FREE while funding remains.

It's easy to join:
1. Confirm you meet basic donor guidelines.
2. Complete the online registration form. This step will take about 30 minutes. To join for free, you must complete your online registration before November 30 or while funding remains.
3. Use the kit mailed to you to get a swab of cheek cells. These will be used to test for your tissue type.

NOTE: When filling out the application, it will ask you for a credit card number and it will still mention the $52 fee normally charged. Ignore the $52 fee and don't enter any credit card information. On the final page it will show a $52 fee and a $52 coupon making your total $0.


For more info on what joining is all about, CLICK HERE!

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  1. Mandy - I've been reading your blog, and have been on the Marrow Donor Registry for 12 years now. A few years ago, I was matched with a woman with AML, and I started down the path to become a donor. Unfortunately, the woman was too sick to receive the final round of chemo needed before the transplant, and the donation was put on hold. She passed away soon afterwards. Even though I never knew this woman, this made a HUGE impact on my life, and the LLS has been an organization that I love to support. I am praying for you and Tyler. Let me know if you need anything - I'll send you my email via facebook.