Thursday, December 11, 2008

Can I Have a New Nurse?

The preparations for Tyler's return home continue. Today he was visited by almost every specialist under the sun to evaluate his preparedness and help him transition to his time at home. While Tyler is understandably nervous about leaving the security of the hospital (understandable because he knows his wife and his mother will be his primary nurses while he is at home), I am over the moon!

He will continue to have some IV support from home, but it sounds to me like it will be much less support than he receives here. During the day, he is supposed to try to have small sips and small bites every few hours. As they cut back on his TPN (IV nutrition), I expect that his hunger reflex will kick in again. And, as his throat heals a little bit more each day, I expect that he will enjoy eating and drinking again.

I think that a few quiet days at home will do wonders for both of our spirits. I actually spent a few hours at home on Tuesday evening and then slept in my own bed that night and I definitely felt rejuvenated the next day. It's strange to think how much we are creatures of habit, but I definitely see my rut when I've been forced out of it by a change in circumstance. Silly me... I'm dying to get back into my rut because it was such a comforting routine for day to day living.

Tyler will resume his visits to the outpatient clinic at SCCA, where they will monitor his health for any changes. We've seen many faces in the halls here as we all try to circle the halls for our daily exercise, and I look forward to seeing some of those faces again at SCCA and hearing about their successes since we last saw them. I do kind of wonder if we will recognize some of them as their hair begins to grow back and their bodies climb back towards healthy and normal functioning.

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