Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I Missed All the Good Stuff

I had a class to teach at work today, so I spent the day earning our daily bread. While I was gone, the hospital staff apparently decided that they wanted Tyler's bed back sooner, rather than later. A giant flurry of activity took place at UWMC, most of which was focused on getting Tyler out of here by the beginning of next week.

Now I have to find time between now and Monday to learn how to administer Tyler's IV from home, as he will continue to get IV support in the form of antibiotics and TPN (his liquid nutrition). I guess I'll have a fallback career as a nurse after this is all done....

We do a have a small request about the news that Tyler is breaking out of here... Please hold the applause (and calls and e-mails to him directly) for just a few days so that he can focus on healing and preparing to transition home. However, the wedding e-mail address that you have if you subscribe to our e-mail distribution is one that I check and I'm happy to celebrate with anyone who wants to! ;)

As for test results, Tyler tells me his WBC was 320, but his neutrophils climbed up to 50 today! That's definitely movement in the right direction.

Many thanks for the prayers for his healing! It seems like we're getting some answers this week!

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  1. So glad to hear this good news. I will continue to send healing thoughts in your direction.