Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Making Good Blood

Tyler had a few tests today, so we were lucky that the snow held off long enough for us to get to SCCA and UWMC for our tests and appointments.

First off... Tyler had his blood checked today and I'm pleased to report that he's making good blood!

WBC: 2.07 (normal: 4.3-10.0) Hooray for White Blood Cells!
ANC: 1.12 (normal: 1.8-7.0) Hooray for Neutrophils!
HCT: 32% (normal: 38-50) Hooray for a great Hematocrit!
PLT: 97 (normal: 150-400) Hooray for Platelets!

Although he's not in normal ranges yet, I would say he is making FABULOUS progress in blood creation. I was looking through the test results and saw that on Saturday (his first day out of the hospital), he lab tests actually were rechecked for White Blood Cells and Hematocrit because there was a "Significant change in lab result". How is that for a Go Home celebration?!?

On the down side, he continues to have significant problems sleeping at night. We talked to the doctor about our concerns and they have prescribed some medication that we hope will alleviate the discomfort Tyler has been feeling at night. His numb foot is apparently very sensitive and the feel of the sheets causes a great deal of discomfort for him. We're hopeful that our new medicines will help us get a full night of sleep, as we desperately want one!

Now... I'm off for my nap!


  1. AWESOME! I love hearing such good news. And I hope you enjoy the snow too.
    love and light

  2. Mandy and may not remember, but I was in the hospital for a month or so when I was 22, in the U S Coast Guard, and told by the doctors that they hadn't a clue, with a lousy prognosis

    Well, that was about 26 years ago. I have climbed Mt Olympus, (well. almost to the top) raised two great daughters, and am still going. So keep your hopes way up.

    Glenn M