Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bringing out my Selfish Side

Having Tyler at home has definitely brought out my selfish side! I am taking advantage of the snow today and burrowing down at home avoiding any sign of responsibility.

Yesterday we had an appointment at SCCA to touch base about life as an outpatient, but things went pretty well there. Tyler's blood counts actually surpassed our guesses. His Hemtocrit (HCT) was 34%, his Platelets were at 39, and (best of all) his White Blood Cell count was up to 1500 (normal range 4000-11000)! While the neutrophil count wasn't in while we were in the office, I would expect that his neutrophil count has probably climbed to.

I've decided to attribute his fabulous blood counts to the excellent nursing care that he has received over the last 2 days. ;) Today we actually have to make his "dinner" again, but I think I remember all of the steps from our class on Friday night.

Last night, I forgot to take the TPN out of the fridge early in the evening and poor Tyler got a chilled soup for dinner. Tonight I'll plan to have it out by the time I start cooking my dinner, so that it can warm up to room temperature at least.

Tyler has another appointment at SCCA tomorrow for lab work and a clinic visit with our regular team. It will probably be good to see them, although he is nervous about the early morning appointment.

I'm thankful that he is drinking smoothies and apple juice and chicken broth again. His throat pain has diminished considerably, but we still want to take it slowly to allow his stomach time to figure out what to do with all of this exciting new stuff. He's sleeping much of each day to allow his body to heal itself, so his days aren't particulary exciting. But... He is at home, and sleeping in his own bed. There's definitely something to be said for the magic of home!

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