Tuesday, December 9, 2008

He continues to improve

Tyler's blood counts today showed continued improvement!

White Blood Cells (WBC): 360
Neutrophils (ANC): Still pending
Hematocrit (HCT): 29 (Shows how anemic Tyler is and whether or not he needs more red blood cells to carry oxygen)
Platelets (PLT): 15 (Shows Tyler's ability to clot bleeding)

He has also started eating a popsicle type item once per day over the last few days. I'm excited that he is able to eat the popsicles and actually seems to be enjoying that.

Although we initially expected the bone marrow and lumbar puncture tests to take place today, they will be delayed until Tyler's counts have improved a little bit more. The doctor actually told us that they think they can schedule those as outpatient tests for us. That suggests to me that we might get to move home soon!!


  1. This is awesome news Mandy! My thoughts and prayers are with you both!!

  2. Oh wow - oh wow! Thats just beautiful :)
    love and light