Wednesday, September 22, 2010

So close, yet so far away!

We just met with Dr Cortes and his team again.  They are ready to proceed with Tyler going on the trial, EXCEPT for his liver function tests.  He is just above the acceptable range on his Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT) numbers.  He can only be 2.5 times higher than normal, which is 140.  On Monday, Tyler was at 163.  On Tuesday, he had dropped to 157.  Today's test was 144 -- just 5 points away from what we need.  The doctors are confident that Tyler can hit the mark, especially with the downward trend he is on.  We've asked them to test again this afternoon (scheduled for about 3 hours from now) and hope that he qualifies then. If so, he gets his first dose TODAY!

If not, we will test again in the morning and hope that he hits the mark by then.  We were scheduled to fly out tomorrow morning but, if he misses this afternoon's test, we might have to reschedule.  We are so close and really want to hit this mark.  Everyone who follows our blog closely knows that Tyler has been wanting to get on this trial since last January, but has always been just outside the qualifications for it.  Please send a prayer up in his name that the 2pm or morning blood draw will be the one that works.

By the way... the doctors have prescribed a couple of days of steroids for Tyler, to help his liver process whatever junk it is trying to wade through.  If you plan to golf with him in the next month, consider yourself warned that he might be playing a little better than normal.  I won't be surprised if his drives suddenly start getting him a little closer to the pin.  ;)

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  1. You have my prayers ESPECIALLY for Tyler to pass the liver function test and get in the trial...I am praying hard for that. Lynda