Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kicked out of Houston

After we had posted the previous message, we got a call from our PA telling us that the lab had run the wrong test on Tyler's blood this morning.  So we headed back upstairs for another blood draw and then decided to have some lunch and chill out in one of the common areas.

When the PA called back again, it was with the news that his ALT had climbed again, this time to 164.  He started 2 medications while here and one of them is likely the cause of the climb, so we are holding his medications over the weekend in the hopes that his liver can settle down a bit.  We'll test again next week and probably come back again as soon as the numbers are good.

We're flying out as soon as we can today, although a little bit behind schedule.  We hope to see as many friends and family as we can at the Light the Night walk on Saturday.

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