Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Changing plans again

Tyler's blood counts have been dropping a bit over the last little bit.  On Thursday of last week, his platelet count had dropped to 22K, with the normal range being 150-400K.  Because of that low number, the doctors wanted Tyler to come in on Monday and get his blood checked again.  Thankfully, his platelets held over the weekend. 

His white blood cell count, however, dropped to 2.6 and his neutrophil count dropped to 900.  Neutrophils are the kind of white blood cells that are devoted to fighting off infections within your body.  We will have to be extra careful over the next few weeks to keep Tyler from being exposed to germs, at least until his neutrophil count begins to climb again.

Just before we had dinner, Dr Oehler called us to ask if Tyler would be willing to go to Houston next week.  Even though we thought the SCCA trial for Ariad would be up and running pretty quickly, it appears the trial has just passed the review board in Houston and Dr Cortes is willing to meet with Tyler about joining the trial.  We aren't guaranteed a spot, but are hoping that Tyler's marrow, spinal fluid, and liver functions are all looking good enough to let us take part in this trial.

Wish us luck with the interview next week!


  1. Hi Tyler and Mandy,

    Fingers crossed you are able to get in the Ariad trial. Just a suggestion--double-check your appts next week before getting on a plane to make sure everyone is on the same page. I just read about someone on CML2 Yahoo Groups who went to MD Anderson this week for evaluation for the Ariad trial and was told it was too early and was sent home ("scheduling error")!

    In any event, this fellow CMLer has every finger and toe crossed that Tyler is able to get into the trial and get the good news on treatment that he so deserves and is overdue.


  2. Oh I will be thinking of you both and sending all possible positive vibes that not only does Tyler get in, but that this is IT and things go smoothly and well on the trial - all the way to getting rid of cml!
    love and light