Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Learning the Ropes

Day 2 went a little bit smoother for us, just because we had some ideas on where to go when.  We met Alexa, the PA who works with Dr Cortes and she was really great.  We also met with the study nurse and signed the consent form to allow Tyler into the Protocol.

A lot of the day was spent sitting in various waiting rooms, but we were together and got all of the tests done somehow.  They have been saying that Tyler's liver function is a little bit abnormal and maybe could keep him from the trial.  In fact, they retested his blood today to see if anything had improved.  It seems like he is doing well on most other fronts.

His preliminary bone marrow tests showed 21% blasts in the marrow.  We expected to see signs of blasts in there, but are thankful that he still doesn't have too many circulating blasts.  Hopefully we can find a medication to attack the cancerous cells soon.

Because we got done with all of our appointments about 3:30pm, we decided to go out to dinner. We ate at a very tasty Mexican cafe and devoured about a bowl full of guacamole!  There is definitely some tasty food around here...

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