Monday, September 20, 2010

Rookies Again

Today we were reintroduced to the frustrations of learning the ways of a new facility, and dealing with the initial process of getting established at that facility. We had a very long day and it didnt seem we accomplished as much as we had hoped to. Sometimes expectations aren't met, but I think we have definitely crossed the first hurdle of our new learning curve. Dr. Cortes seemed to be very nice and we look forward to our next meeting to hopefully begin the phase II trial. I had a couple blood draws, a bone marrow, and meeting with the doctor. Tomorrow brings a couple more appointments, and we will hopefully have an answer to whether we are in the trial by the end of the week. The facility is very clean and organized even though our flow through the day was a bit disjointed.

The bone marrow was done without sedation, but actually wasnt too bad. They also took part of my bone for biospy. The doctor, upon hearing we were planning on flying home Thursday, seemed to indicate that he hoped to get me started on the trial by the end of this week. He hoped we could stay a couple extra days if need be to get started. If I am accepted into the trial, we will need to be here on the start day, day 15, and day 28. We hope to transfer to Seattle when the trial starts there, and that didn't seem like it would be an issue when we brought it up. The Seattle trial opens up in about 4 weeks possibily. We are a bit tired from the flight and long day, and are excited to have a relaxing evening. We get to sleep in a lil tomorrow, and don't need to be at the hospital until 9ish.

By the way its 88 degrees here, but no sun and its been raining since we got here and its supposed to rain all week. Apparently thats normal for this time of year in Houston so close to the Gulf.


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