Monday, January 26, 2009

Transplant Day!!!

Tomorrow (Tuesday) is transplant day! Scott (Donor Dad) is scheduled to check into UWMC at 5:30 am for marrow harvest, and then Tyler will check in at SCCA's outpatient clinic at 2:00 pm for marrow infusion. Afterwards, we take Tyler home and hope that the marrow takes hold and goes to work making new healthy blood.

We would appreciate all prayers to be said for both Scott and Tyler, and for the blessing of wise and compassionate care from the doctors and nurses around them both.

After the transplant, we begin the waiting period. Waiting for Engraftment is a 2-3 week period punctuated by frequent blood tests. The goal of this phase is to get Tyler's immune system to stay asleep while Scott's marrow travels to Tyler's bone marrow bed and begins to make new blood cells.

As the new blood begins to pick up, Tyler's body should begin to repair itself. He's got some recurrence of the mucositis, but we hope to keep it more under control with pain meds more often. I'm also hoping that it doesn't get as bad this time, but for now he is eating and drinking more carefully and living with more pain than normal.

Transplant -1 and counting...


  1. All hugs, hopes and good wishes heading your way for tomorrow...

    Just one thing...... will Tyler get Donor Dad's eyes as they look in the photo, along with the donor cells?? LOL

    Love and light

  2. You are all so much in our thoughts and prayers. And in those of so many that you've never met or talked to!

    Thank you for all the info you're posting, it's very helpful to many. And it's got to take a lot of time and energy that you don't really have. It's very much appreciated!!!

    We love you and are constantly thinking about you!

    Cynthia, Hans, Christian & baby

  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as always, but especially today. May God guide and direct the hands of the medical staff and hold all of you in the palm of his hand.

    Pat and Leanne

  4. Yeah, the day has finally come! We are thinking about you constantly and praying for you, all the family and of course the doctors!

    Live every moment. Know that you are deeply loved by many.:)

    Much love,
    LeAnn and Eric

  5. Happy Birthday Tyler!! Wishing you all the best with the transplant process.

    Your favorite 8NE nurses,
    Molly & Lexi

  6. Go marrow!

    Sending you all outr thoughts and love!

    -Dylan and Naara

  7. Sending good thoughts, hopes, and wishes your way today. Hope everything has gone smoothly.