Monday, January 19, 2009

Still Glowing

My darling husband was measured this morning, but he must have still been glowing with radioactivity. His radiation level was down to 12.1 mR/hr, so we are hopeful that he might get to come home tomorrow.

The nuclear medicine specialist tells us that we can't do anything at all to hurry along the process, but I keep hoping that something will work. Tyler and I are both looking forward to spending more time together. We've only spent a few hours per day in each other's company, and we are separated by most of the room to protect me from the radiation.

Tyler's dad (his marrow donor) had an appointment today to bank some of his blood in preparation for the procedures next week.

We hope that Tyler is able to spend tomorrow night at home, as he begins his conditioning chemo on Wednesday. He'll have 5 days of chemo, followed by Total Body Irradiation next Monday, and a transplant next Tuesday. Wow! After months of delays and complications, time is now speeding towards this transplant. We are certainly ready to begin the recovery phase!

Transplant -8 days and counting...

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