Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Size Doesn't Matter

After processing all of Scott's marrow, the bag of stem cells was significantly smaller. It turned out that 2.5 liters of marrow really only equals 176 milliliters of stem cells. This bag of healing power was infused over about an hour. By the way, this picture was taken right at the beginning of the infusion!

After all of the steps we had to take to get here, the actual transplant was pretty low key. It was just like getting a blood transfusion, which Tyler has had to do many times already.

The picture on the right shows the stem cells going into Tyler's Hickman line. You can see that he has two lines going directly into his veins. The tubing for any medications or transfusions are connected to the blue claves and then the liquid is fed through via a pump or syringe.

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