Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Start of it All

We finally tracked down the LP results this morning and are THRILLED to report that Tyler's spinal fluid continues to be clear of any leukemia. Feel free to join us in our little happy dance at that news.

We reported to UWMC this morning at 8am to get the test dose of the radiolabeled antibody. The doctors will use the gamma scans and bone marrow tests this week to calculate the most effective dose to give Tyler when he gets his therapeutic (real) dose of next week.

In the picture on the left, you can see Tyler in the middle of the 5 1/2 hour infusion of the test dose. The lead box in the lower left contains a syringe with the radiolabeled antibody in it. On the right, Tyler is also getting lots and lots of saline to help his body process all of the radiation through without causing more damage than necessary.

Some of the premedications that they gave to him caused him to be pretty sleepy, so it's been a fairly quiet day for us. Neither one of us slept well last night, so I was pretty thankful to see that Tyler has two beds in today's room. The nurse was kind enough to let me use the 2nd bed and I took a nap this morning too. Now I'm a little less like the Wicked Witch of the West and Tyler is starting to remember why he married me.

We have another gamma scan tonight and then will head home and try to sleep it all off. They say that Tyler will likely feel a little achy and sore tonight and tomorrow, so it is important for him to rest as much as possible.

While we know there are big steps ahead for us, we are thrilled to finally be taking ANY steps towards his bone marrow transplant. Provided everything goes well this week, our next big thing will be next Thursday. Tyler is scheduled to get his therapeutic dose that day and begin his stint as Bubble Boy, the radioactive superhero of the University of Washington.

Day -21 and counting...


  1. Oh GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Happy Dance done - twice :) Good news - may the trend continue..

    And I hope you both get a really good nights sleep..

    Thinking of you both so often

    love and light

  2. Joining you in the happy dance! YAY for the good news on the spinal fluid! Sending good thoughts and strength your way.