Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Scott Bled-soe Much!

Scott's marrow harvest went well this morning, although he is quite sore now. They harvested 2 liters of marrow from him, so they were quite pleased with the collection volume. We talked to Kate a few times today and she told us that, although he is sore, it is possible he may get to go home this evening.

Tyler's infusion has been delayed by at least an hour as they are processing the marrow right now. They are using an apheresis machine to separate the stem cells from the rest of the stuff they collected. They tell us that it will take about 45 more minutes before the stem cell bag is ready to go. I've got a picture of them processing Scott's bag of marrow, but will have to post the picture from home.

Tyler has been queasy since finishing his radiation yesterday, so we're trying to get him more anti-nausea medication and then allow him to rest while we wait. We also are awaiting blood test results to see if he needs a platelet transfusion today. We hope not, but the numbers will be in soon.

Transplant Day!!!!
Day 0

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  1. Congrats Bledsoe family!
    I was thinking of you all throughout the day today. I hope all has gone well for Tyler and the BMT. That is an amazing volume of marrow and hopefully, there will be a lot stem cells! I am surprised that you don't stay in the hospital, but, since you are so close by in some ways it is better that Tyler can sleep in a comfortable bed, eat good food, and rest without the constant interruptions for VS and other what-not! Take care Bledsoe family. You are in my thoughts and prayers.