Saturday, January 24, 2009

Restful Day

We had labs and chemo today at SCCA, but were home by noon. And that included a 2 hour wait for a room for the chemo. It was nice to have such a quick day there and get to spend time at home for the afternoon and evening.

Tyler is getting some mouth and throat soreness from either the chemo or the radiolabeled antibody, but hasn't been too impeded yet. We're mostly just being a little bit more careful about the food that he is eating. If it gets worse, we'll probably have to start up the pain meds again.

Tomorrow is Tyler's final day of chemo, and it is another quick day. Monday will be his Total Body Irradiation (TBI) at UWMC and then a few final appointments at SCCA. We'll have Monday evening and Tuesday morning at home before the transplant. Tyler's dad will check into UWMC very early on Tuesday morning to get his marrow drawn out. The doctors will do some magic to prepare the marrow and then infuse the marrow into Tyler on Tuesday afternoon.

Transplant -3 and counting...

1 comment:

  1. Dear Tyler and Mandy

    The countdown is getting really short now and this must be such a relief as well as a scary time too.

    I am glad you get some time at home before your transplant and I am trusting that all goes smoothly.

    Dad the Donor is wonderful!

    I will be following your success with this transplant as often as an internet connection allows and you will definitely be in my thoughts all day on Tuesday, as you are so many other days.

    Love and light