Monday, September 29, 2008

Who is that Handsome Guy?

Tyler got his haircut today, in preparation for his radiation and chemo. Much to my surprise, he looks even more handsome with his new haircut! I sure caught a good guy when I went fishing for this one. He has just informed me that Kate is the excellent barber that made him look so good. I'm blown away. I just assumed it was done in a barbershop somewhere.

Anyways... Today was another lumbar puncture and the 2nd dose of the thioteppa. I've been praying that the test results on today's CSF wll show a reduction in the leukemic cells. We should know the test results later this week and will try to post without too much delay.

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  1. Loved the logo on your t-shirt! Go SA! :) I lived there for 35 years - it's a beautiful and colorful country.