Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Hottest Accessory

The hottest accessory this year was actually donated by a generous family as another fundraiser for our Bledsoe Battle. You can see our Bledsoe Battle bracelets that were first shared at the Dinner and Auction on Friday. They were sold for $5 each and were a big hit! One side says "Bledsoe Battle" and the other side says "Live Every Moment". We felt these were the best messages for us to share with others.

We still have a few leftover, so please let us know if you want a bracelet. There are both medium and large sized bracelets left, so we need to know what size you want if you want some.

Thanks to our donors for making this possible. It's actually really amazing to look down at my wrist and see a reminder of the hope that Tyler and I have for a successful cure.

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