Friday, September 5, 2008

Donation Information

We have been asked by several people to share the information about the Benevolent Account that has been set up on Tyler's behalf. The Benevolent Account for Tyler is at Washington Mutual Bank. Kate (Tyler's stepmother) opened many of these accounts when she worked there and thought they were terrific.

The concept is simple: an interested party or family member opens an account for the benefit of the individual concerned; monies are deposited directly into the account by those who wish to do so, at any branch. The depositor receives a receipt, and the donation remains anonymous, unless the depositor wishes to let the individual know directly. The money in the account is used in any way needed by the recipient's advocate. That might be, in this case, to pay directly into the transplant fund or to utilize for gas for daily trips to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance - or for a utility bill. The purpose is to lend support to the situation caused by the hardship or illness.

The account information is as follows:
Amanda Bledsoe FBO (for benefit of) Tyler Bledsoe
Washington Mutual account #: 442 145343 4

Checks may be made out to Amanda Bledsoe FBO Tyler Bledsoe, and the account number may be given to ANYONE interested. In fact, I would suggest being sure to have the account number when depositing - Kate says they used to have difficulty locating these accounts by name only at WAMU.

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  1. May I suggest posting an address for Washington Mutual for out of state donors? I am sending a check to WaMu, Magnolia Financial Ctr., 2424 34th Ave, Seattle, 98199. All the best, Katharine Butler