Friday, September 19, 2008

Tapped Out

I am spending today recovering from yesterdays treatments. I had two separate blood transfusions (one in the morning, and one in the evening.....platelets and red blood cells), and mixed in between I had another spinal tap with chemotherapy. We have heard back about the results from the first chemo treatment into my spinal fluid. It reduced the Leukemia (by flow %) from 35% to 11%, which is a very positive sign that the chemo is working to clear my fluid. My spinal tap yesterday was actually my 3rd treatment of chemo, and the drawing of yesterdays fluid will reveal the results of the 2nd chemo application from last friday. It seems complicated probably, but the bottom line is that we are all very hopeful to clear the fluid and proceed with the transplant with about a two week delay.

I apologize for not posting until today, but it has been a stressful few days wondering how the first treatment went, and figuring out how we were proceeding with my care. My 4th spinal tap with chemo will be on wednesday the 24th, and the goal is that by then it should be clear. I believe they mentioned that they may do a 5th application as an insurance dose to make sure that no Leukemia leaks back into my spinal fluid before the transplant.

My spirits during all this have been like a roller coaster with many setbacks, positive days, uncertainty, etc.......but I want everyone to know that the support I feel from all of you has made me not only appreciative, but so proud to know so many truly great people! The auction night was beyond what I ever imagined! To see that many people come out for one night in what for me was a stunning show of support! I am truly blessed, honored, and still blown away by all of it. For me the visual show of support when I walked into the hall and saw so many friends and family was all I needed that night to lift me up. I was on adrenaline all night long and extremely happy.

Thank you all for supporting Mandy and I, we love you all very very much!


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