Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ve Vant Your Blood!!

Can you hear Dracula in your head when you read that title?

My work is hosting a blood drive on October 1st and anyone in the area is welcome to participate! As many of you are aware, blood drives like this are an important part of Tyler's treatment. The blood collected from the many volunteers around the Puget Sound provide much needed blood and blood components to people in need. When Tyler's red blood cells or platelets dip too low, the Puget Sound Blood Center is called to provide 2 units of blood components for him.

You can sign up for a slot using the below link. Just click on October 1st on the calendar and away you go.


If you do choose to come donate at my office (in South Everett), please let me know so we can schedule lunch together or something. I figure a blood drive is a good excuse to spend time with friends or family! :)

If you aren't in our immediate area, you can always search out a blood drive in your local region by going to the Puget Sound Blood Center website or your local blood center (if in another state altogether).

If you are nervous about the procedure, I can understand completely. I had wanted to help for several years and never worked up the courage to donate until I started working at my current position. Now, of course, I feel even more compelled to donate (although they won't take my blood until December thanks to a honeymoon stop in Honduras) with the hope that I can be of help to Tyler in this small way.

If you have never donated blood before, please think about taking that one step this month to support people around who need that extra boost for their own blood. The blood you give may be the blood Tyler gets through transfusion some day (although we will never know for sure)!

Thanks for your help!


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