Tuesday, September 9, 2008

And So It Begins...

Today's lumbar puncture was significantly better than last week's procedure. They used a kind of Xray machine to find the spaces in between Tyler's vertebrae and slipped the needle right in easily today. They took about 14 cc's of spinal fluid for testing and then injected about 2 cc's of anticancer medication. Although we probably have the medicine names written down somewhere, all of the names blur together for me at this point.

Tyler seems to have no ill effects at all from today's procedure. He did opt to drink the "presecribed" dose of caffeine this evening to prevent a spinal headache. In about 20% of the people who get a lumbar puncture, they get a headache from the loss of the spinal fluid. Last week, the doctors prescribed caffeine with dinner to avoid that complication. Although they didn't say anything about caffeine today, we felt it was probably assumed that doctor's orders include a Coke with dinner. What do you think?

My larger than life sweetheart is seen in the picture above while enjoying his brother Sam's birthday party on Sunday. Sam and Colleen had a fun filled afternoon planned for us with hot dog roasting, a pinata, and cake for all. It was a sunny day and perfect to be outside in Colleen's backyard!

Tomorrow is a blood draw and the regular check in with our nurse and PA, so it's a low key day.

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