Monday, October 13, 2008

Round 3 of Radiation

It's hard to see Tyler so affected by this radiation, but he is not feeling himself right now. His stomach is upset and his head hurts and his brain is funny. I hate to see him struggling with this new treatment, while I am profoundly thankful that he hasn't had to deal with all of these side effects the whole time.

He still has a full head of hair, but is very low on energy and nervous about eating. We got a new anti-nausea medicine today, in hopes that this one will work better for Tyler's system and he will feel more like eating. It was a pain to chase down today, but the pharmacist ended up letting me take it with the assumption that the insurance will eventually pay for it. Our case manager seems to think this is the case too, so hopefully the insurance gets resolved tomorrow. Bless the hearts of those who helped me get the medicine today because I was worried about getting something that will make it easier for Tyler to feel comfortable with dinner.

Because of our weird schedule, my eating is down too. I didn't have anything to eat today until noon. Those who work with me day in and day out know that I normally have 2 meals in me by that time (1st and 2nd breakfast). Pray for us that we can get on a more normal eating schedule. We're aiming for 4-6 small meals per day, but we have yet to achieve even 3 meals in a day.

Tyler (my king of numbers) tells me that we are now 25% done with radiation treatments. I'm holding on to that number and hoping the remaining 8 treatments pass in the blink of an eye for us. We're napping in the afternoons and taking it easy until he is feeling better.

Much love to all of you and many thanks for the prayers and good thoughts sent our way.

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