Friday, October 3, 2008

The Creature is back

Pretty much only my basketball buddies from ......from how long ago? Wow! Im thinkin 15-20 years now. Only my basketball buddies will understand the creature reference. Yesterday at the UW, part of my simulation for therapy involved forming a mask for my yes guys I again will be wearing a protective mask. Fortunately for me I wont have to wear it in is kind of a cross between Mike Myers from the Halloween movies, and an NHL hockey goalie.

During my treatments I have to get into an identical position on a flat table and put my head inside this mask created just for me. The mask is pliable and acts as a cradle for my head while I try to remain completley motionless for 2 (15 minute) periods. The mask helps to prevent movement. They also have given me 6 new permanent tattoos on my backside from my bum to my neck and also on each side of my spine. They were sorry when they were applying them because of the momentary pain, but the pain was nowhere close to some of the other things Ive been it was actually pretty easy........I told them to bring it stronger next time! The tattoos are pretty boring though because they are just dots.........for some reason they wouldnt tattoo Mandy's name for me?

These are markers for the radiation treatments, and they somehow get you into a precisely identical position for every day I get these treatments over 2-3 1/2 weeks. The position I will be in isnt exactly very comfortable, and so I will need to practice some relaxation exercises for my neck and shoulders. Im hoping to get some massage to help with this also.

Alright........I am really off to my blood draw at ya later. Take care!


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  1. Dear Mandy and Tyler
    I recently found your blog and read through it all. Wow. Add my name to the many people that will be sending positive thoughts, vibes and prayers that your treatment starts going smoothly from now on.
    We are having a blood and marrow donor drive here in the small town of Soddy Daisy, Tennessee and I will hope that if you have not found your match by then, that maybe this drive will send you what you need.
    Mandy, I think you are awesome too in how you are dealing with all of this.
    love and light
    Steven's mom