Wednesday, October 22, 2008

10 down 2 to go?

Today I completed my 10th radiation treatment! We have 2 more this week, and then we get to check my spinal fluid on monday. We should know by tuesday whether or not the radiation was effective in clearing my spinal fluid. If its clear, we can proceed with the transplant with its current schedule. If its not clear we will be doing an additional 6 radiation treatments. Ive been having some difficulty the last day and a half swallowing, and thus getting the proper amount of nourishment into my body. Today has been particularly difficult, but we seem to have found some good pain killer and a mouthrinse that should help me out. If I cant get the right amount in, I will need to have some assistance from an IV at SCCA. Things are much better this afternoon than earlier this morning so I am very hopeful.

All of this really makes me appreciate things I had never really thought of and had taken for granted in my life. Being healthy is truly the most important thing anyone can have or aspire to. I never thought that I would encounter pain swallowing or be afraid to eat or drink, but those things have happened during my radiation regimen. I am fortunate to have some great doctors and nurses whom have been able to spend quality time with me discussing my ill effects. Of course I am also extremely fortunate to have amazing caregivers, and moral support, and prayer from all of you! I would be nowhere without all of you! Whenever I think about the auction, and all the great times Ive had in my life it makes me fight even harder than I thought possible.

I mentioned my schedule earlier...........I will spare the daily details, but the transplant date is currently November 25th.

Please take care all and do everything in your power to stay healthy!


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