Tuesday, October 21, 2008

75% Complete and Starting to Feel It

We are happy to report that we are 75% done with the radiation treatments, but that Tyler is starting to feel more of the cumulative effects from treatment. His throat has been getting thicker, but today was the first day that it pained him to swallow all day long. He is trying an oral rinse tonight, but I'm not sure that it relieves enough of the pain for him. We'll keep trying tomorrow to find a combination that works. If Tyler tells the nurse that the oral rinse isn't working, they will give him something called "Magic Mouth Wash". Sounds like something that you would find at Disneyland Resort, right? Apparently it is a blend of common numbing agents that will help numb up your throat and mouth.

He is also feeling slightly more fatigue than he was before. We are trying to make sure we get 8+ hours of sleep at night and also Tyler takes a nap as often as he can. They attribute the fatigue to the fact that all of your cells are having to repair themselves after they are damaged by the radiation. Extra calorie intake and extra rest were both prescribed before the treatment even started.

After the 3 treatments this week, Tyler will be getting a lumbar puncture on Monday to test whether or not we were sucessful in clearing his CSF. If so, the transplant is on track for the week of Thanksgiving. I'm nervous for the results of his test, but we should know the outcome by the middle of next week.

Our thanks for the prayers, well wishes, notes of encouragement, and help with tasks. We've had more offers of help than we know what to do with and we appreciate you all so much for being willing to help us out. Let's all pray that Tyler's spinal fluid is free and clear of any sign of leukemia.

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  1. Waiting is the worst......well, most times. I hope that your results come back better than expected.
    I am sending positive thoughts and vibes from this side.
    Love and light
    Steven's mom